Eliminate the guesswork in setting up your own Private Practice


Take years off your business learning curve and
discover exactly how to get started

Therapists and counsellors often lack the business know-how and confidence to succeed in private practice.

When you imagine starting your own private practice, do find yourself feeling apprehensive, overwhelmed or just plain scared? For a lot of talented therapists, the idea of building a business can be leave them feeling confused about where to start and like the whole thing is just too big to tackle on their own. It doesn’t have to be that way. With the right plan, you can confidently set-up, market and manage your own private practice, even without prior business experience.

Reach the clients you were born to work with. Make a living that sustains you.
Do work that fulfills you.

All you need is the roadmap, so you know what to do, where to go and how to get there.


Create a realistic business plan to streamline all of your decisions


Implement systems that make running your practice simple and easy


Discover how to confidently tell colleagues and clients about your work


Learn how to market effectively to reach more clients with less effort


Create a business that reflects your lifestyle and personal values


Shift your mindset from apprehensive and confused, to confident and ready to begin

Welcome to Ready, Steady, Launch

A Private Practice Business Accelerator

Ready, Steady, Launch is a three-month online program that teaches you step-by-step how to get your private practice off the ground by creating a rock-solid business plan, learning new business skills and skyrocketing your confidence.

This program is perfect for you if you’re:

  • near the end of your clinical training and want to get a jump start on planning your future practice
  • a recent graduate who wants to understand how to ethically set-up your own practice
  • a seasoned practitioner, confident with clients but new to running your own business.

Some of us are woefully uncomfortable with and unprepared for the realities of starting a private practice: the marketing, the money exchange, the setting of professional boundaries, and the successful translation of our skills to the world out there. Ready, Steady, Launch helped me in exactly those areas that were beyond my comfort zone. Constance also helped me re-frame my fears about scarcity. I now see that there is room for everyone only when we understand and learn to articulate our own therapeutic strengths and personal characteristics. On top of that, she is great fun to work with!

Malgosia Mann

Graduate Student

Ready is all about prep work. Figure out the type of practitioner you want to be, who your ideal client is and identify any roadblocks that might get in your way before you smash into them. Create the broad vision of the practice you want to build so that when it comes to the logistics, you know where to focus so you don’t waste time on things that don’t help create your dream.

Week 1 - Set the Foundation
  • Learn time management techniques
  • Understanding current priorities and finances
  • Uncover current supports and roadblocks
  • Plan your registrations and insurance
Week 2 - Vision of your Practice
  • Create the initial roadmap for your practice
  • Determine your business structure and name
  • Learn what sets you apart from the crowd
  • Investigate the existing market
Week 3 - Meet your Ideal Clients
  • Learn to truly identify the clients you were born to work with
  • Understand how to speak your client’s language so they know you’re talking to them
  • Discover how to craft your practice to meet the needs of your dream clientele
Integrate and Make it Stick

Weeks 1-3 involve some deep thought so this week is a bit lighter to let you integrate.

Finalize your business foundations and confidently move into the planning stages of your practice.

Discover how to set up the ‘nitty gritty’ of your business structure. Solidify your brand, cover all your clinical-bases, master your finances, and get all your systems in place so you can hit the ground running. Receive 10 templates and scripts ready to be customized to fit your practice – these alone will save you so much time and stress when building you business.

Week 5 - Branding Basics
  • Determine your Business Core Values and how to use them in practice
  • Solidify your business mission, tagline and descriptor
  • Explore simple branding tools such as logo, colours, fonts and themes
  • Tips for a professional headshot to be the face of your practice
Week 5 - Clinical Logistics
  • Tips for setting up your business phone / email
  • Understanding file storage and maintaining appropriate supervision
  • Determine your schedule and when you’re available to clients
  • Complete your Emergency Contingency Plan
Week 7 - Financial Foundations
  • How to setup your bank accounts & credit cards
  • Learn what taxes you are responsible for and tips for bookkeeping
  • Determine how to set your rates and make sure you are getting paid
  • How to set up a sliding scale and if it would even work for your practice
Week 8 - Forms and Policies

Suggestions and templates for:

  • Initial Contact Screening, Informed Consent, Intake, Consent to Release information & Confirmation of Attendance Forms
  • Electronic Communications, Late Client/Cancellation, NSF/Non-payment & Social Media Policies

Be prepared to let the world know you are ready for business! Learn how to manage your online presence and discover where to find your ideal clients. Many traditional marketing approaches aren’t appropriate for therapists – but fear not! There are ways you can reach your clients and still stay true to your profession – and I’ll give you a step-by-step guide on how to do it.

Week 9 - Existing Online
  • Explore which online directories would work best for you
  • Considerations for setting up your social media profiles and if social media is even right for you
  • Discover how to layout your website so you’re as professional online as you are in person
  • Create your captivating bio to get you noticed by your clients
Week 10 - Connection Marketing
  • Learn how to confidently tell others about your work without feeling “sales-y”
  • Discover how to authentically build your network with ease
  • Figure out how to track what works for you so you can market more efficiently and effectively
  • Explore various marketing techniques that match your style and personality
Week 11- Launching and Beyond!
  • Determine your Launch Timeline
  • Discover how to let the world know when you are open for business
  • Implement support systems to keep you on track
  • Establish habits to keep you and your practice vital and healthy
Week 12 - Final Overview

Final Overview

Take everything you have learned and create your final business plan.

Determine what steps you need now to keep your momentum going.

“I was always reluctant about the idea of setting up my private practice. The whole process seemed lengthy & complex, and I did not know where to start. I was lucky to have met Constance who took the time to understand my situation and to provide me with a step-by-step plan.
During the program, she met all the participants where they were, understood their unique challenges and provided clear, easy to understand road maps for everyone to follow. Whether it was marketing, financial management, branding, accounting, logistics, legal aspects, she broke this process down into smaller components, and made it easy to follow.
Are you thinking about setting up your private practice? Yes, this is a serious process but you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Let Constance show you the way.”

Mehmet Yaygin

Vancouver, BC

How it Works

Ready, Steady, Launch is program designed to fit into your busy schedule. Each week, you will log-in to the members only area on the website and new material will be unlocked and available for your review. This will include written content online with explanation, tips and tools for each topic, downloadable worksheets, and action assignments.

Decide how much support you want by choosing either Do-it-Yourself, Full Support and Total Accountability access.

For Full Support and Total Accountability participants, there will be weekly LIVE group calls on that week’s topic. If you can’t make the live call, or signed up the DIY option, calls will be recorded for later listening during the program.

For Full Support Connection and Total Accountability participants, you will have exclusive access to a private Google+ online community so you can network, gain support and wisdom from each other. As the program progresses, I recommend helping each other brainstorm and ask questions. Additionally I will be online at least once per day (on weekdays) so you can ask quick questions and get guidance between calls.

For Total Accountability participants, you also have access to three one-hour individual coaching sessions to dig into your practice and bust through any personal blocks that are holding you back.

Constance is Amazing! Her course Ready, Steady Launch is Fantastic! It is a comprehensive, practical guide to everything you need to know to start your private practice. A huge bargain! It’s cheap at twice the price and worth every penny!! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT !!!

Mary Ann Pelzer

Registered Clinical Counsellor, Connections Counselling Inc.

Program begins January 16th, 2015. Sign up now to reserve your space.


one-time investment $350 or
  • 12 online modules released weekly
  • Actionable worksheets, templates and checklists
  • 12  group call recordings
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Total Accountability

one-time payment $1000 or
  • 12 online modules released weekly
  • Actionable worksheets, templates and checklists
  • 12 LIVE group calls (recordings available if unable to attend live)
  • Exclusive online Google+ community
  • Guest Interviews
  • PLUS three 60min 1:1 personal coaching sessions ($675 value)
  • (limit 10 spaces available)
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Frequently Asked Questions

I've already started my practice, would I still benefit from taking the program?

Absolutely! Even if your business is already established, the steps this program takes you through are the same ones every successful business owner revisits throughout the lifecycle of their practice. Although some of the initial stage set-up information you may have already covered, I guarantee there will be something worth considering in each module regardless of how long you have been in practice.

Will I be ready to launch my practice by the end of the program?

This all depends on you, how quick you can move and the stage you are starting at. Everyone will be coming in with a different level of set-up, skills, and knowledge, as well as varying available time and financial resources. Things like getting your registrations in order, finding the right office, creating financial savings or developing a website can take longer than the three-month time frame. What I do promise is you will come away with a solid business plan and know exactly the next steps you need to take to accomplish that plan within that three-months. They rest depends on you.

You're based in BC, Canada. I live somewhere else. Will the information in the program still be relevant to me?

For the most part – Yes. Although the business structure, banking and tax information are based on current Canadian laws, the business principles described throughout the program are universal.

What happens if I sign up for the option with group calls but I am busy during the live call?

If you are not able to join us live on the call, they are recorded and can be listened to at a time that is convenient for you. You are able to ask questions in the online forum and they will be addressed on the call.

How much time should I set aside each week?

In general I would say be prepared to set aside about two to four hours per week for business development. Some weeks may be a bit more; some may be a bit less. Again this will depend on what you already have in place. Some weeks ask you to be introspective and build the vision of your practice, other weeks require you to actually go out and start building it.

When are the group calls?

The group calls will be at 6:30pm to 7:30pm on Wednesdays.

How will I access program materials?

Once you sign up you will be directed to create a membership login that will allow you access to the online members-only area. Once you have logged in you will have access to the preparation worksheet to get you ready to roll on Friday January 16th, 2015. Content is unlocked every Friday at noon.

Why can’t I have access to all the material at one time?

The modules are sequenced in a very specific order so you are building the foundation before you build the structure. Often people want to jump ahead and then realize they have to go back to figure out key pieces afterwards. Each week builds on the next and will make the creation of your business plan feel logical and straightforward in the end.

What if I can’t make a group call?

All calls will be recorded and posted in the membership site so you can go listen at your convenience and catch up on anything you missed.